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Minutes of the 2015 Reunion

June 6, 2015


The 48th Kothmann Family Reunion was held at Pioneer Pavilion, Lady Bird Park, Fredricksburg, Texas on June 6, 2015.

CHAIRPERSONS: Katie Kothmann Haby and Karla Kothmann Radicke.

ATTENDANCE: Approximately 250

MEAL: Preceding the Business Meeting a BarBQ lunch (catered by Eli Kuhlmann) was enjoyed by all. A variety of deserts were provided by family members. A devotional prayer lead by Carleton Kothmann blessed the food and opened the meeting.


Katie Haby called the meeting to order at appoximately 1:25 p.m.

Riley Kothmann discussed an administrative matter pertaining to the numbering of the Kothmann Reunions. While collecting and researching prior Reunion minutes, it was discovered that there was no number assigned to the Reunion held in 1952. As a result, the 2015 Reunion should be designated the 48TH Reunion, rather than the 47th. There being no objection, it was so designated. It was also pointed out that in 2019, we will be having the 50th Kothmann Reunion and it should call for a special celebration. We are hopeful that we can have the reunion at the Premier Ranch. It will take a great deal of planning and coordination so anyone interested in helping should make that known at our next reunion.

During a moment of silence, Riley Kothmann read the names of the deceased descendants since the date of the last reunion. He also reminded the group that our reunion was being held on the D-Day anniversary so it was appropriate to remember all of our veterans as well.

Highlights from the minutes from the last reunion were summarized and approved.

Riley Kothmann presented a financial report indicating that after all revenue and expenses were considered from the 2013 Reunion, the Reunion fund had a balance of $2,007.06. The 2013 Reunion had $1,000 more expenses than revenue but the account is sufficiently funded to carry on any business that needs to occur. Income and revenue for the 2015 reunion has not been tallied yet. Dora Wright reported that the Book Committee balance was $4,245.08 in the account. Dora Wright reported the Cemetery work was completed at Art, Texas and balance in the Cemetery Fund is $1,319.47.

Dora also reported the the "Hot Pads" made and given to the family by Toni Hausler Janis and proceeds from selling old editions of the Kothmann Book have brought in $879.00.

Jerry Butler, brother-in-law of Herb Kothmann, has been taking care of the mowing of the Art Cemetery. Willard Jordan, who recently passed on, had been doing this work for many years and his service was recognized.

Dora gave a report on the status of the Kothmann Book. Work is nearly finished and plans are to send the finished product to the publisher in August and distribution should begin by Christmas. We will ship what we have to but we'll also have a number of distribution points set up around the area where the books can be picked up on designated dates. More information in this regard to follow. Orders for the Book were taken following the meeting. The price of the Book is $80, which includes a two-volume set and a book sleeve to hold the two volumes. One volume covers the family histories and the second the family genealogy. The history volume has 628 stories and 1060 photos. There was excellent response from family members to get stories on their close relatives. The Book is missing only 16 stories of family members in the 4th generation and 53 stories of the 5th generation.

Dora Wright gave an information powerpoint presentation that covered the First Kothmann Reunion (which will be included in the new Kothmann Book edition) held July 15-17, 1926 and a Review of the first Kothmanns coming to Texas. She also reviewed the Numbering System to remind family members how The Kothmanns of Texas Book is organized. Since the last reunion, family members have increased by 262, with 86 births and 35 new marriages. There are 4,274 direct descendants and, with spouses, 6,194 total descendants of Heinrich Conrad Kothmann. There are currently 9 generations and interestingly there are only 11 males in the 8th generation with the Kothmann name.

Fran Hoerster recognized Dora for her dedication and tireless efforts to spearhead the Book efforts as well as keeping up with the genealogy.

Katie Kothmann Haby and Karla Kothmann Radicke agreed to coordinate the 2017 (49th) Kothmann reunion. They will work with Connie Brandenberger Faulkenberry and Carol Brandenberger Ludlum who have agreed to lead the effort at the 50th reunion in 2019.


Kathleen Kothmann, 93, and celebrating her birthday on the day of the reunion, was recognized as the oldest member present.

Gus Wright was the youngest member at 2 weeks.

Nina Bildstein (from Berlin, Germany) and Leeannah Roberts Russo (from Hawaii) traveled farthest to attend.

The Awbrey Kothmann Family had the most family members present, 22.

The longest married couple, 65 years, was Charlie and Jo Beth Reid.

The shortest time married, 6 months, went to Len and Kyann Slaughter.


A drawing was held for a hand-made mesquite set of dominoes. This domino set was made by James David Kothmann. Donations for the domino set totaled almost $1300. The winner was Cori Crumrine.

The meeting was adjourned for additional visiting at approximately 2:35 pm.


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